Seller 101

    The County Guys know that you don’t sell your home every other day, and realize it can be overwhelming knowing where to even start. We get that you’ve worked hard to build equity in this place you call home, and don’t want to lose any of your hard-earned money! We are grateful that you are connecting with us, and for the opportunity to be your partner in the selling process. We’ve developed a simple 5 step process to make the selling process simple and stress free for you.


    Call The Guys –

    We’ll set up a time to meet and tour your property to get a clear picture of all your needs and timelines. This is also the time where we discuss our complimentary design services, our extensive marketing plan and discuss the next steps.


    Home value analysis

    We take in all the details of your home, then compare it against similar properties that are available and similar homes that have sold in your area. This way we know what other buyers will be comparing to your property, and we’ll see what people are willing to pay for similar properties. From there, we know how much extra your home will sell for after we’ve completed our design services, and together, we decide on a price to list your home.


    Home styling, home photography & video

    Our design team will come in with ear to ear smiles, furniture and accessories in hand, and ready to serve! Generally speaking, we will be on site for 8-10 hours depending on the extent of work we’ve all decided on. When we leave, your home will feel refreshed, streamlined and positioned to sell!

    Once the styling is complete, we’ll send in a professional photographer who will capture all the beautiful touches you’ve been working on, and showcase your home in all its beauty. They will also capture video that will allow potential buyers to experience your home before even walking through. We use this content with our online and social media marketing as well!


    Review the offers

    Before you know it, we’ll be sitting down together reviewing the offers. Since we are Certified Negotiation Experts®, you’ll feel confident in our ability to work well with other Realtors® in order to negotiate the best possible deal for you.



    When the deal is done, we will continue to be with you every step of the way, watching out for you and ensuring you have the contacts you need to help with the move. Our free moving package, loaded with boxes and other packing materials, makes packing a breeze and will have you ready to go in no time!

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