Rick Szabo
The two phrases “Too good to be true” and “There must be a catch” kept running through our heads. We couldn’t believe The County Guys were really putting this much effort into selling our house. We weren’t newbies when it came to selling a house with a realtor or even with a team of realtors, but none of our experience could have prepared us for The County Guys. The team of Aleks and Dale (and their partners) was something to behold and was a pleasure to watch. They each had their own special skill and swooped in at different stages of getting our house ready to sell. Not only did we get an experienced team of realtors when we hired The County Guys, but we also get a top-notch designer, a world-class home stager, an eye-catching marketer and a hands-on renovator. Aleks and Dale had a grand vision on how to turn our family home into a showpiece with a little renovation before we hit the market. Amy drew up the plan, Aleks walked us through the renovations and we said, “OK, lets do it!” Our house was about to be transformed!
When we look back at the process, it seemed like in the blink of an eye, we went from a lived-in messy house with 3 teenagers to a magazine quality showpiece. Our listing pictures kept making us say, “pinch me, this can’t be our house”. We got multiple offers and within 3 weeks our house was sold for far more than we could have ever imagined. We have not stopped singing the praises of The County Guys to all our friends and anyone who we hear maybe thinking about selling their home. Few times in your life do you meet someone where after only a few months of knowing do you completely trust, hands down. We’d work with them again without hesitation. If you’ve read this far and are still on the fence whether you should work with The County Guys, take this advice and say “Yes” and then say “Yes” again when they have some ideas to spruce up your place before you sell. The investment will pay off 100x!
Sincerely – Rick & Sonya Szabo