Alysse Glick

I worked with Dale as a first time homebuyer and had a really wide range of things I was looking at: style, location, lower price range, unique properties and something that had water access. Although I had initially started looking at the County, I quickly spread my search across a lot more ground than anticipated, and Dale didn’t hesitate for a second. He was quick to identify what I was looking for and had a great eye for something he knew I’d like, even pulling me back from unique properties (when I got sidetracked!) that didn’t fit my overall goals. He was super available, always ready for a phone call or for the drive to a viewing. He stayed up making sure we got our offer in at an advantageous time and that I understood the whole process. It was an absolute pleasure working with Dale, he became a sounding board for the stressful parts of the process (and there were many for me!) and a trusted advisor. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him and the County Guys to anyone looking for a place, you’ll always have a fighter in your corner! Thanks so much Dale, excited to work with you again!